When refrigerated properly, cold-pressed juices last from 3-4 days.
Yes, you can. How long a raw, organic, cold pressed juice lasts is a touchy subject because it depends on so many factors: Acidity of the juice, how fresh the fruit and vegetables were, the temperature of the operating environment, etc. If cold-pressed juice is made in good, safe conditions with fresh produce, it can have a shelf life of up to 7 days if properly refrigerated. Many cold-pressed juice companies will put a 3 day shelf life on the juice to be safe, when in reality each recipe will have a different shelf life. We believe many of the juices are still very drinkable after 3-4 days, some lasting over a week if kept refrigerated, but the juice is at it’s best, most potent, nutritionally, and we suggest that it is consumed at it’s freshest.
YES! Most definitely. It is very natural for the separation to occur, it is not a sign of spoilage. Just shake it up, and enjoy!
Although plastic is lighter and cheaper, we believe that using glass is better for you and the planet. We are looking out for your well-being, because plastic leaches chemicals into it’s contents, and causes harm to your body. Also, have you ever heard of the island of plastic in the pacific ocean?…Enough said!
No. We sell you the juice and the bottle together with no extra deposit, but we do encourage you to keep the bottles out of the landfill and either re-use them in your own home, or return them to us. We have a loyalty card or “punch card” (for those of you who can keep track of those things) which we offer that rewards you for purchasing juices and returning bottles. Ask us about getting one started for you.
Absolutely!! We have a loyalty system for bringing bottles back. We will give you a punch on your loyalty card for every juice purchased and every juice bottle returned. All we ask is that you PLEASE do not bring us dirty bottles. Simply bring them back in good condition, no cracks, chips, etc. and without the lids, ( we cannot re-use the lids BUT they are recyclable ). We definitely do not want to see or smell fermented juice or nut milk in a returned bottle….UGHH, GROSS!!.. just like you don’t want to, also it is unsanitary, so please help us to keep our production cleaner, simpler and greener. We only accept rinsed bottles back so, again, please rinse before returning. Our suggestion is to rinse with a very small amount of warm water immediately after finishing your beverage. If you wait too long, then the gross stuff get’s stuck on the glass and it’s very difficult to remove after it has set, AND we will not accept those ones back for a punch on your card. Thank you for following these guidelines and doing your part to re-use instead of wasting.
No. We put each returned bottle through an extensive sanitation process before we re-use it and put it back into circulation.
No. We believe that as long as you eat fresh food quickly, there is no need for pasteurization. The whole idea is to get the RAW, organic nutrient rich juice in all of it’s glory.
NO! That would be against every shred of what we stand for, so rest assured that the juice you have consumed or may consume is a bottle of 100% pure organic fresh fruit and vegetable juice. However, we do have many other beverages, ( i.e. nut milks, brews, refreshers, limeades & lemonades, etc. ) that we DO use alternative sweeteners for. ( i.e. agave, honey, dates )
Again, No. No way. Not a chance. Never. However, we do have many other beverages, ( i.e. nut milks, brews, refreshers, limeades & lemonades, etc. ) that do call for water as an ingredient in them. We use water that has been extensively filtered using reverse-osmosis filtration.
The benefits are countless. Through the cold-pressed method of juicing which is a slower, more gentle, and careful process of hydraulically extracting fruit, vegetable, roots and herb juices, you get the highest quality plant-based nutrition, and because the fiber is removed, your body does not have to do the work, and you get an easily digestible and easily assimilated potent elixir of anti-oxidants and health enhancing vitamins and minerals
Why, yes, we are. We are beloved sisters, and we love working together, because family is one of our biggest most treasured values.