Everything We Make is 100% Organic!!!

We Wouldn't have it any other way. We want the best for you and the planet!!

Where To Buy

You can find us at our two Chico shops, and at the local year-round and
seasonal farmers' markets. Local customers can also purchase
products online to be delivered or picked up in the store!

Downtown Chico Juice House

Meriam Park Location

Downtown Oroville Location

Downtown Chico Juice House

Meriam Park Location

Downtown Oroville Location

Online Products Favorites

Online Products Favorites

Getting. Juice. Safely. To. You.

We offer a no-contact exchange for your peace of mind and the safety of all.

Cleanse Packages

refresh. restart. reboot. renew. recharge.

A juice cleanse is a powerful way to detox and reset your body. Whether you are looking to reshape your eating habits, lose a few pounds, or improve your overall health, our Juice Cleanse Packages will help get you on the right path.

House-Made Organic
Vegan Soft-Serve

get your swerve on!

Our vegan soft serve is made using only the simplest ingredients: almond milk, cashews, coconuts, dates, and a pinch of sea salt. This ice cream is REAL FOOD!!

Build your own soft-serve bowl!! Go all out and get creative, using all our awesome ingredients in our soft serve bar... the sky is the limit!

Take Our Favorites

eat. real. food.

We love to play with lots of different fruits and vegetables. Come back often to discover the range of fresh flavors we offer, which are only available while in season.

Live Life Pies!

rich. luscious. vegan goodness.

Our signature pies are not like any other dessert you have ever had. We
make every pie from only organic ingredients, and entirely from scratch,
and made to order. These pies are gluten-free,
refined sugar-free, vegan and DELICIOUS!
We have a selection of flavors to choose from, but don't let that stop you.

What Makes Us Different

Hand-Cracked Coconuts

House-Made Almond Milk

Organic & Fresh

Bottle Return Program

We Will Deliver To You

Chico Delivery Only $6

Call today for immediate delivery!!

Delivery available Monday-Friday 10am-4pm