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Live Life Juice Co. Pies

Our signature pies are not like any other dessert you have ever had. We make every pie from only organic ingredients, and entirely from scratch, and made to order. These pies are gluten-free, refined sugar free, vegan and DELICIOUS! Each pie starts with a nut based crust, topped with a filling that is a unique blend of cashews & fresh coconut straight from the cracked nut, extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil and many other high quality ingredients. We have a selection of flavors to choose from, but don't let that stop you...If you have an idea that you don't see here, just call and we can create a flavor that's.

Rich, Luscious, Vegan Goodness!!

How do I order a Pie? ...It's Super Easy!!

1. Pick the size that is best

for your occasion.

*Remember, as with all cake or pie cutting, it is entirely up to you how many slices you can get. If you want bigger pieces or smaller pieces is up to you. These are what we suggest for a general sized pie slice. Also, keep in mind that this dessert is rich. It is comparable to cheesecake in richness, so we think smaller portions satisfy the sweet tooth just fine. 

8" Pie - $40.00

(serves 6-10) 

9" pie - $50.00

(serves 8-12) 

10" pie - $60.00

 (serves 10-14) 


2. Pick the flavor that you want.

*If you do not find the perfect flavor in the list below, then call us and we can create the custom combination for your personal taste. 

Pie Flavors...



Lime Cheesecake w/           pistachio coconut crust

Lemon Cream w/              "graham cracker" crust

Chocolate Dream w/           classic date & nut crust

Vanilla Cream w/             "graham cracker" crust

Ginger Lemon w/               spiced "graham cracker" crust

Chocolate Hazelnut w/        toasted hazelnut crust

Vanilla Hazelnut w/          toasted hazelnut crust

Mocha w/                        classic date nut crust


Peanut Butter Chocolate w/  chewy chocolate crust

Lavender Lemon w/            lavender "graham cracker" crust

Coconut Cream w/              classic date & nut crust 


Coconutty Protein Pie w/      hemp protein crust

Cranberry Orange w/          cinnamon "graham cracker" crust

Cinnamon Maple w/            classic date & nut crust

3. Call us with the pie size and flavor request.

*We will need you to pay in advance so have your credit card ready. We will make your special pie and have it ready for you to pick up or we will set up delivery!! 


-Full Strawberry Layered Topping is an extra charge of $6.00


-Full Mixed Berry Topping $6.00


-Fudge Topping $4.00

* The graham cracker crust is a blend of almonds and coconut sugar & coconut oil.

*Decorations are chefs choice, according to the flavor of the pie. We use fresh flowers, fruit, coconut shreds, poppy seeds, nuts, sauces, etc. The toppings are included in the price. If you have any preferences, this must be discussed upon ordering, as there may be an extra charge. 

*If you need a list of ingredients for whatever reason, please call.

P.S. You can absolutely mix and match fillings and crusts!! These are our pie creations, but if you want to customize it to your specific taste, we can accommodate. Just give us a call.


Call Downtown 

Call Meriam Park

530 566-3346

530 809-2635

Remember...These pies are

VEGAN, Organic, Gluten-Free,


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